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Google Doodles – Robinson Wood

Google Doodles

As a Google Doodler I was responsible for pitching, sketching, and painting doodles for the Google homepage. It was great working with such a fun and creative group! I learned a lot about games and interactivity, editorial illustration, visual clarity at small sizes, and collaboration with multiple stakeholders. I spent nine months on-site, and four months as a freelancer.

Clara Rockmore

This tribute to legendary theremin performer Clara Rockmore features a tutorial mode and a fully playable, customizable virtual instrument.

It was a huge honor to contribute to this interactive doodle as illustrator and animator. Big thanks to my teammates for their awesome work!

Experience it here!

Holidays 2015

This three-day series of folded-paper doodles culminated in a big payoff for users, who could watch as the complexity increased from simple folded characters to a lush holiday scene.

An added challenge was making sure these designs were successful as both flat doodles and 3-dimensional shapes.

AD Mark Holmes

Doodles Blog Making-of post

TIME magazine article

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Remembering the legacy of an incredible vocalist, master of Qawwali music, and proponent of world music.

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Nepal Republic Day

Created to honor the people of Nepal as they moved past the tragic earthquakes of 2015.

“We hope today’s Doodle will remind the people of Nepal that they are an inspiration to the entire world, and that their burning perseverance lights the way for us all.”

– Google Doodles Blog

Copa America 2015

A flexible, efficient template system designed to accommodate a wide range of national flag designs and solve for any possible outcome in the 2015 Copa America Football Cup.

AD Mark Holmes

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National Days

Celebratory doodles commemorating each country with a national monument, animal, flower, food, building, or symbol.

With so many countries to design for, I needed work within a consistent format that could limit the scope of each project while still preserving a hand-made charm and a huge variety of flag patterns and illustration solutions.

National Days on Doodles blog

Naguib El Rihani

A fun tribute to the legendary Egyptian comedian-actor-writer-director, depicted here with his signature red tarboush.

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