Personal Work

Illustration highlights

A few personal favorites – exploring the paranormal, imaginary, and bizarre!

Virtue Paragons

Each month of this quirky hand-drawn calendar features a visual meditation on a classical virtue I associated with a month of the year. You’ll find bits of Aristotle’s virtue theory, greek mythology, victorian flower language, animal archetypes, and my own conscious and subconscious associations between all of the above!

The Royal Wilds

I developed this custom deck of cards as a response to “Inktober,” a daily ink-drawing challenge founded by Jake Parker. I funded the printing via Kickstarter, where I also sold all of the original artwork. These limited edition collectible cards may never see another print run, so grab them for yourself or as a unique gift, too!

This fully illustrated 54-card deck of casino-quality playing cards was 100% hand-drawn with ink on watercolor paper. Each art-rich deck is standard poker-size and features 18 imaginative animal archetype character illustrations for the jokers, aces, and royal / face cards with symbolism specific to suit and rank and featuring an octopus, fish, eagles, crows, lizards, bears, and more!

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